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Endless Knot T-shirt

The endless knot has been described as "an ancient symbol representing the interweaving of the Spiritual Path, the flowing of Time and Movement within That Which is Eternal. All existence, it says, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Divine and the Eternal." Various interpretations of the symbol are:

* The inter-twining of wisdom and compassion. * Interplay and interaction of the opposing forces in the dualistic world of manifestation, leading to their union, and ultimately to harmony in the universe. * The mutual dependence of religious doctrine and secular affairs. * The union of wisdom and method. * The inseparability of emptiness (shunyata) and dependent origination, the underlying reality of existence. * Symbolic of knot symbolism in linking ancestors and omnipresence and the magical ritual and meta-process of binding.

* Since the knot has no beginning or end it also symbolizes the infinite wisdom of the Buddha. See mystic knot.

This Endless Knot T-shirt design is printed on a 6.1 oz. Heavy Weight 100% Cotton tshirt. This tee shirt is extremely soft and preshrunk. This t-shirt is so soft you'll never want to take it off.

All t-shirts are printed with white designs except for Natural, Ash, and White, which are printed with black designs.

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