BAKA (Stupid) Japanese T-shirt

The word Baka is the Japanese word that means idiot, fool or silly (depending on context).

Baka essentially translates to "horse-deer". The story behind baka is of a Chinese emperor who spots a horse (馬). He calls it a deer (鹿) and all but one of his advisors agree. The dissenting advisor proves that it really is a horse and the emperor executes his other sycophant advisors and raises the correct one to chief advisor.

This "BAKA T-shirt" design is printed on a 6.1 oz. Heavy Weight 100% Cotton tshirt. This tee shirt is extremely soft and preshrunk. This t-shirt is so soft you'll never want to take it off.

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Click to enlargeBaka (Stupid In Japanese) Plus Size T-shirtBaka (Stupid In Japanese) Plus Size T-shirt

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